In-store attribution

One of the great user experineces when using UNiDAYS in-store is the ease of showing your iD. It's as easy and taking out your phone and opening the app. It works exactly the same no matter what store you're in. So how would we improve our attribution data without damaging that experience.

The business case is clear: how to seperate organic and UNiDAYS sales from brick and mortar stores. The incentive for the user was at this stage... non existent.

Powerful not pretty experience maps

To find opportunities we created an in-store experience map of our two biggest categories, fashion and food.

in store 1 Copy 2in store 1 Copy 2
in store 1 Copyin store 1 Copy

Gamification FTW

Geo-location alone isn't accurate enough for what we need and bluetooth beacons have financial and app permission challenges. The most accurate way to determine if a UNiDAYS user is making a purchase at a particular store at a particular time (and not just browsing the store) is to place a QR code at the tills. 

I know... who wants to scan a QR code. But if they can win a bigger discount they won't mind.

in store 1in store 1

Spin to win

When a user geo-locates inside a store a push notification is sent to the UNiDAYS app to play for a chance to win a boosted discount. When the user plays the Spin To Win game they are checked in to that store. This is first valuable data capture.

If a user wins, they scan a QR code at the till which unlocks their boosted discount and attributes a sale at that time to the user, if they don't win the usual discount is still available. 

(Initial prototypes don't need to be pretty either)

Work examples