Equation domestic violence charity website

Interestingly, of the two main types of users that go to Equation's site one of them is not an intended user type but the most important. Those being survivors of domestic violence and people looking for help.

The site helps redirect these people to the appropriate channels and it also provides information to it's intended users, professionals in the inductry and the general public wanting to contribute and donate time or money.

Original design ?

The oringinal design missed the opportunity to make an emotional impact. The entire site was a single temple using mainly text on every page. Not only was this confusing the IA made it hard to digest and it was incredibly boring.

Eqiation 1Eqiation 1

Improved designs

The home page puts the needs of the volnerable front and centre using the hero as a clear call to action.

For the intended users of the site it surfaces material from Equation's social channels which they use to communicate updtaes in their industry and subjects important to professionals. It clearly calls out the two main uses of the: guidance and resources for professionals and fundraising tools and info for the general public.

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